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If you grab my hips or run your fingertips over my lower stomach we’re having sex.

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My first ever encounter with the corrupt public school education was my first year at public school. My whole class took the D.A.R.E. Program and at the end the super high end officials to the program came to the school and it was a big deal and everything and our school was so honored and yada yada yada. Well, my teacher asked us to summarize in a page what we learned about the DARE program and how we planned on staying with the promises we’ve made while part of it. Our whole grade would compete and the top 5 or so would present in front of the school and the officials. So I stayed up and wrote this glorious paper and had my dad check it and even he was impressed and found no mistakes (and mike always finds mistakes) so I was pretty proud of myself. My essay was chosen as one of the five and I went up in front of the school that next day, shared my paper and everyone clapped and cheered and it was awesome. Everyone was so sure I was gonna win. Then some chick named Edna got up there and she literally had just scanned the whole DARE booklet and read it word from word. The rules clearly stated “one page” and she “wrote” five. She won first place bc hers had “more substance” like dang right it had more substance, she read the entire program. Anyway she got on the front page and was on tv and even went to like two other elementary schools to read her “essay”.
That was the biggest piece of bull I’ve ever encountered and I was only 10.


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Anonymous: What's your new blog ?<3



I hope you still think about me sometimes, but it wouldn’t be the worst thing if you didn’t

Blow your own job, mister

Basically if I don’t nail this audition tomorrow I have to get a second job so fingers crossed bc FC is the only place hiring in Blountville and ha ha ha nope thnx

I love boys bc one of them will steal another’s girl and the first boy will be like “wtf dude I’m gonna kill you” then next week he’s like “dude lets go drive around really fast and listen to rap music” it’s great.

Anonymous: We shld be friends.

Ok we’re friends now

Sometimes I feel bad bc there was this guy at my church who was like two years older than me and everyone was convinced he liked me bc he would come to all my plays and concerts and stuff. Well he’s on a Mormon mission now in California (which lasts two years) and he writes me a lot and I never write back bc I don’t wanna be nice and it come across as anything more. This kid will definitely take it out of proportion….so yeah i just never write him back and I feel bad :-)

Anonymous: I think you are fabulous. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

Thx u rock my socks